The methodologies contained within CCOSTAT4 were created by Serge BELLUT. He was Head of the Department for “Advanced Project Management and Quality Assurance” then Senior Expert at the “Launchers Directorate”, all with the CNES (National French Centre for Space Studies) for 34 years.

Since 1985 Serge BELLUT has taught the various methods of Value Management in several specialized MBA courses in French Graduate Schools, and Cost Engineering within the framework of “Design to Cost” at Paris IX Dauphine University.

You will find fuller details of: Project Management, Design to Cost, Quality Assurance and Cost Estimating in various published books by Serge BELLUT, including the following:

  • « La compétitivité par la maîtrise des coûts – Conception à Coût Objectif et Analyse de la Valeur »
    (Competitiveness through Design to Cost and Value Analysis) – AFNOR editor 1990 ;
  • « Estimer le coût d’un projet »
    (Estimate the cost of a project) – Handbook, AFNOR editor collection “à savoir” – 1995 and 2nd edition 2002 ;
  • « Les processus de la décision – Démarches, méthodes et outils »
    (Decision making processes – Steps, methods and tools) – AFNOR edition 2002 ;
  • « Les processus de la conception – ISO 9000 et performance »
    The processes of the design – ISO 9000 and performance ”) – AFNOR edition – 2004;
  • « Maîtriser les coûts d’un projet – Le management par la valeur »
    Mastering the costs of a project – The Value Management) – AFNOR 3rd edition 2006 ;
  • « Pourquoi çà ne marche pas ? Éliminer les racines du mal »
    (Why doesn’t it work ? Eliminate the roots of the evil) – AFNOR editor 2006 ;
  • « S’auditer pour progresser »
    (The audit for continuous progressing) – Ellipses editor collection “optimum pratique” 2008 ;
  • « Aider à décider »
    (The decision making aid) – AFNOR edition 2010.

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